Construction Management

Blue Line Rapid Transit Construction

The Blue Line Reconstruction was a top-to-bottom rehabilitation project for one of Chicago's rapid transit lines, running from Chicago's western city limit to downtown Chicago, and then northwest to O'Hare Airport, outside of Chicago. The rehabilitation included new track installation, electrical transmission equipment, and new station construction and platform rehabilitation.

M-7 Salt Dome Replacement

SPAAN Tech provided construction management services to the Illinois Tollway for new improvements at the M-7 Salt Dome Facility located in Winnebago County, Illinois. SPAAN Tech supervised the demolition of the existing salt dome and related facilities and the construction of the new salt dome. This new facility was designed and built for rubber-tired vehicles and equipment only.

Interstate 90 Pavement Repairs

SPAAN Tech provided construction management services to the Illinois Tollway for pavement repairs to I-90 located in Winnebago County, Illinois. The firm supervised the completion of pavement repairs to all lanes of traffic for 14 miles in both directions (totaling 28 miles of highway). The construction work included breaking-out existing concrete pavement that had failed and replacing it with new, steel-reinforced roadway material with proper tie-ins to the existing pavement.

I-355 Communication Towers

SPAAN Tech provided construction management services to the Illinois Tollway for new improvements at the I-355 Highway Extension Communication Towers Facility.

SPAAN Tech supervised the construction of two new communication towers and two pre-fabricated utility buildings. The construction work performed included: site preparation work, foundation and footing work for thetowers and utility buildings, drainage design, parking planning, and lead-in roadways to the site.

Phase III Engineering for I-80 Reconstruction

SPAAN Tech provided Phase III Engineering Services for construction management, construction inspection, and contract administration on I-80/94 (IL 394 to US 41).

Duties included: schedule and budget control, on-site material testing, and material quality assurance testing for advance work on the highways. The work also encompassed structure removal and replacement of Wentworth Avenue over I-80

The electrical contract included: high-mast lighting advance work, fiber optic cable and systems, CCTV, surveillance, and dynamic message sign systems.

68th Street and Harrison Water Intake Cribs

SPAAN Tech provided the Resident Engineer/Construction Manager for the alteration and improvements to the 68th Street and Harrison Water Intake Cribs.

SPAAN Tech scheduled, coordinated and supervised the construction process from the conceptual development stage through final construction, making sure that the project was finished on-schedule and within budget, while ensuring an efficient use of resources.

Regional Call Center Build-Out

For the build-out of the Regional Call Center, SPAAN Tech, Inc. acted as the Program Manager of the infrastructure design and technology coordination processes as ComEd simultaneously relocated two call centers (one local and one out-of-state) into one newly designed facility, able to handle four times the number of agents without any loss of service.