Facility Management

Head Start Facility Assessment

SPAAN Tech provided management, technical, and condition assessment services for 250+ Daycare/Head Start Facilities located throughout Chicago.

The project required SPAAN Tech to develop a data collection application, utilizing a Pocket PC-based system and SQL Server database. The information collected was used to assist the Chicago Department of Children and Youth Services in their evaluation and budget projections for each facility and in justifying Federal Grant requests.

Condition Assessment of ADA and Life Safety for Senior Housing

SPAAN Tech conducted surveys of CHA non-residential facilities and residential units including single family residences, townhouses, multi-story residential facilities and common areas for compliance with UFAS 504 accessibility standards.

Corresponding condition reports for each unit were completed in an electronic format, which enabled the Chicago Housing Authority and other authorized users to quickly retrieve information on the existence and location of accessible areas within the inventory.

Life Safety Assessments

SPAAN Tech served on a team to perform on-site building surveys for all medical clinics and facilities in order to assess and identify areas of material non-compliance with regard to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101, 2000 Edition, Life Safety Code.

The firm’s Conditions Assessment Report for each site included: supporting photographs, a description of suggested building modifications, and construction cost data related to the deficiency list.

Terminal 5 Facility Management

As an integral part of the Facility Management Team, SPAAN Tech provided daily maintenance, dispatching maintenance and operation work crews at Terminal Five of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

For facility improvement planning, development, and implementation, SPAAN Tech monitored all tenant construction and facility development to ensure that all renovation work remained consistent with the Department of Aviation standards.

O’Hare Airport – Air Handling Unit Replacement in Rotunda Basement and H&R Plant

This project included demolition and removal of the existing air handling unit system and installation of new air handling units and associated return and exhaust fans, duct work, low temperature water piping, chilled water piping, and building management and control systems.

SPAAN Tech provided engineering services for the replacement of three existing heat exchangers and associated pumps and electrical work in both the rotunda basement and the H&R Plant.

Head Start Facility Assessment

SPAAN Tech, Inc. provides technical and condition assessment services for more than 400 Head Start facilities located throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. The project requires the development of a data collection application utilizing a Pocket PC-based system and SQL server database. Site inspections include: assessments of handicapped accessibility, general physical condition, and code compliance with ADA regulations and functional requirements.